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How Cash Back Works With Tbseen, A kate Thornton Company

An Explanation Of How Cash Back Shopping Works And How You Can Benefi

Cash back shopping can be quite fun. You get to make money while you are spending money. You are still spending more than you make, so it’s not an income opportunity but instead a savings opportunity. In other words, it’s important that you understand the concept here isn’t to spend more to make more but to save more on what you were going to spend in the first place.

How to get Cashback deals?

There are different ways to go about shopping and getting cash back. First of all, you can shop in person to get cash back or shop online. There are more opportunities to get cash back online than offline, but you would be surprised how well you can fare offline. Think about cash back credit cards. Of course, to make good doing that, you really need to pay off balances monthly to avoid interest.

CouponsWhere tp find  cash back deals

Good old-fashioned couponing represents a cash back opportunity as well. Then you have sites like Ebates that give you cash back on the purchases you make. Plus you have other sites that offer cash back opportunities just for registering with them.


There is even a brokerage that has partnered with businesses to provide cash back for purchases. Instead of giving the cash to you directly, the brokerage puts the money in your investment account. It is supposed to be the businesses that are doing that, but who knows how the deal was inked. Either way, you benefit if you decide to use that specific brokerage.

There are also ways that you can double up on cash back. For example, let’s say you shop with a site that offers you 15 percent cash back with a certain business, and you decide to simultaneously use a cash back credit card or debit card that gives you 2 percent cash back. Additionally, those cash back cards can also be used when you pay bills. Getting cash back on your bills isn’t the same as shopping, but it deserves a mention.

Celebrity endorsed Cash Back Websites

Kate Thornton in white

Celeb Kate Thornton has devised and started her very own cash back website. offering her clients saving s on hundreds of UK retailers. Kate Thorntons Website called Tbseen.com has seenĀ  huge success since there launch a few years ago. Thornton says she wanted to be able to provide mega saving to people out there who shop regularly online

Do you take advantage of all of these ways to get cash back when shopping? You want to get as much cash back as possible, but just remember that you also want to make sure that you don’t want to spend more just to get more. Don’t allow those cash back opportunities to lure you into spending more money. Instead, enjoy all the rebates, savings and discounts that you can find.

visitĀ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKRnSibrMGo to see kate’s cash back explainer